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What is MY COACH?

MY COACH is the essential educator and mentor for everyone who manages, leases, or maintains apartment properties, or who supervises apartment portfolios. MY COACH programming equips industry professionals with the necessary skills to excel at apartment sites and central offices. MY COACH uses a platform that blends videotape with PowerPoint to deliver training directly to participants’ desktops, tablets, or mobile devices, supplemented with homework and comprehension assignments. MY COACH is available anytime, anywhere. During our five-plus year history, the program, which has hundreds of segments, has proven to increase NOI and leasing success while decreasing collections, resident and employee turnover and property expenses.

Who is MY COACH?

That’s easy: She’s Kathy Harmon, a Certified Property Manager (CPM®), and an Accredited Residential Manager (ARM®), designations awarded by the Institute for Real Estate Management (“IREM”); a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA); and a Certified Residential Manager.


Kathy started in the apartment business as a part-time caretaker and weekend leasing agent for a 270-unit market-rate apartment building in Minneapolis. She later became the property manager for a 325-unit rental project, and thereafter served as regional manager for a 2,500-unit apartment portfolio. After several years, Kathy became the owner of a management company with a portfolio of 5,000 apartment and condominium units, including “A”-grade market-rate, tax credit, and Section 8 apartment units, together with one million square feet of commercial space. She’s co-authored six industry-specific textbooks and delivered more than 31,000 hours of live training.


Kathy develops and maintains close relationships with MY COACH participants, calling and e-mailing them several times a month. And she’s available 12/7/365 for personal coaching and to answer questions, chat informally, and even role-play.

What’s the MY COACH curriculum?

The My Coach library contains training segments on such topics as Developing and Perfecting Leasing Skills and Meeting Marketing and Resident Retention Challenges, which are must-haves for leasing agents and marketing pros, and extends to developing a variety of professional skillsets, with legal instruction (Fair Housing, Sexual Harassment, Hoarding, and others); Hiring and Coaching Techniques, Time Management, Building Self-Esteem; Effective Communication Skills; Emotional Intelligence; and much, much more.


The segments are short – 10 to 15 minutes. Kathy calls our participants monthly and communicates via e-mails to keep them engaged and on a positive learning track. Viewing and assignment completion is reported to supervisors monthly – and we track and report each participant’s involvement so that we can encourage them personally to continue their progress.

What Can You Expect?
  • Growth in your staff’s professional success
  • Improved leasing and sustained high occupancy
  • Increased NOI
  • Increased staff confidence
  • Increased consistency, loyalty and performance
  • Decreased marketing and maintenance costs
  • Decreased resident and staff turnover
  • Decreased risk and legal costs
What Are People Saying?

“You keep our employees on a path to consistent performance improvement in ways we could never have done without you. It’s an engine with a life of its own, working behind the scenes to create results. We could never train everyone so thoroughly without MY COACH. In every measurable area we have made strides – occupancy, NOI, ratings, collections and morale. We are most grateful to have you as our training partner.”

Barb H., President

“I have been developing people for management for years and am such a big believer in personal development and knowledge! I know everyone on our team is learning so much! Thanks again!”

Christina, Regional Manager

“I really enjoyed your presentation. The content is exceptional and delivering the training in this manner with the technology you have used is OUTSTANDING! The ability to learn both audibly and visually is creative and very effective. Your ideas, tips and techniques make the viewer successful! Thank You!!”

Angie F., Vice President

“Kathy’s energy is contagious and her MY COACH training sessions help to keep everyone motivated. We saw an increase of 25% in our “Excellent” secret shopper scores over a two year period. MY COACH was a big part of that success. Our employees love the ability to do the sessions remotely. Kathy takes the time to work with us to tailor sessions to meet our specific company needs. Thank you Kathy!”

Deb D., Director of Training and Development

Direct and Effective Training

MY COACH is the leading training program for everyone who works in the residential housing business – market-rate, subsidy, tax-credit apartments, condominiums, and townhomes. MY COACH uses a platform that combines video and PowerPoint, supplemented with homework and comprehension assignments, to deliver instruction directly to our participants’ computers or mobile devices. The segments are short – 10 to 15 minutes – and we track and report each participant’s involvement to their supervisors so that we can encourage them personally to continue their progress.