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Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

customer-loyalty-satisfactionI love hearing about great feats performed by folks at our front line. Here’s a story from Larry. A disabled resident with mild cognitive impairment, Carol, lives in the apartment. Carol works full-time, but she’s sometimes overwhelmed by certain tasks.  As the April 15th tax-filing deadline approached, Larry found out that Carol hadn’t prepared her tax forms, and was extremely anxious about doing so.

Larry asked Carol if she would like his help and if she minded sharing this personal information with him. He explained that he wasn’t a tax expert, but if she was just using the short form, he thought he might be able to help. He told her that he would simply read the questions, explain them as best he could, and help her put the information in the right boxes on the forms.

Larry downloaded both the federal and state applicable short forms, made an appointment to visit Carol, and within minutes they completed the documents, reviewed them, and had them ready for mailing.

The anxiety simply fell away. Larry left work that evening with a smile on his face after hugs and hearing that “you are my hero,” and “I will never forget your help, Larry.”  Larry had done all the right things. We don’t recommend that staff take the place of lawyers, accountants or other experts, but although Carol was disabled, she was capable of understanding everything she needed to do when Larry explained what needed to be done.

When Larry and I talked about this, he said that in our area many frontline staff are called “caretakers,” and he takes that title very seriously. He suggested that we put together a training session called “Caretakers who CARE.”

Right now, let’s celebrate Larry as one of our heroes. Great job, Larry!

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