MyCoach, LLC | Handicapped Renter Gets $100,000 in Fair Housing Case
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Handicapped Renter Gets $100,000 in Fair Housing Case

Handicapped Renter Gets $100,000 in Fair Housing Case

James Larcom

James Larcom

Pictured here is James Larcom, a rich man, thanks to a fair housing lawsuit brought by Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard against the owners and managers of the FGPJ Apartments in Tucson.

The settlement resolves claims that the apartments’ owners and managers

  • denied Mr. Larcom an accessible parking space;
  • failed to make repairs to the electrical sockets in his apartment for the proper operation of his medical equipment, including oxygen tanks; and
  • failed to provide him with a medical release from the lease.

The lawsuit also claimed that the apartment project personnel threatened Larcom and his wife, Sabrina Ezell, and their children with immediate eviction because Ezell made a fair housing complaint to the Attorney General’s office.

The lawsuit requires the owners and management of the FGPJ Apartments to:

  • Pay $100,000 to James Larcom and Sabrina Ezell and their attorney;
  • Pay $50,000 to the Arizona Civil Rights Division for enforcement of civil rights laws in Arizona;
  • Dismiss numerous claims made against the State, its employees, and Larcom and Ezell;
  • Provide written notice of fair housing laws to their existing and future tenants; and
  • Agree to abide by the State’s fair housing laws.

The settlement is one of the largest housing discrimination cases in Arizona. Wondering about Mr. Larcom’s mug shot? Guilty or not, he still took home $100K.

Here’s the lesson: Apartment owners and site personnel need to know about discrimination in apartment leasing and management. Here’s the best place to go to learn about your state’s fair housing laws: http://apartments, discrimination/a/statefairhousinglaws.htm

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