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It’s the leading training program for everyone who works in the rental housing industry – market-rate, and subsidy, tax-credit apartments, condominiums, and townhomes. MY COACH uses a platform that combines videotape and PowerPoint, supplemented with homework and comprehension assignments, to deliver instruction directly to our participants’ computers or mobile devices. The segments are short – 10 to 15 minutes – and we track and report each participant’s involvement to their supervisors so that we can encourage them personally to continue their progress.

Most of our subscribers’ properties are scattered geographically, which presents a challenge for supervisors to observe and coach their employees’ skillsets. MY COACH solves that challenge by developing a relationship with each participant. We call and e-mail them several times a month. And we’re available 12/7/365 for personal coaching and to answer questions, chat informally, and even role play. During our five-year history, the MY COACH program has proven to dramatically increase NOI and leasing success while decreasing collections, expenses, and resident and employee turnover.

MY COACH programming is intended to supplement our subscribers’ existing training curriculum. For several of them, we’ve customized the instruction; for others, we’ve merged their courses with ours, or even created specific programming to meet their unique requirements. The MY COACH curriculum includes hundreds of segments. They range from developing and mastering leasing skills and customer service, to legal and fair housing subjects, through professional development and on-site safety and maintenance segments. Indeed, MY COACH provides targeted education on every subject a multifamily housing professional needs to be successful.

Here are some examples that illustrate the content of the MY COACH program:

  • An Outstanding Fair Housing Series with Certification
  • A Comprehensive Series on Property Budgeting
  • Leasing Using a Consultative Approach
  • How to Lease, Manage and Retain Millennials
  • The Importance of Your Emotional Quotient
  • Retaining Residents by Making Up for the Hassle Factor
  • The Value of Maintenance to Marketing and Resident Retention
  • Sexual Harassment and Hoarding Issues in Your Community
  • Ensuring You Hire the Right Staff
  • Learning to Make Good Decisions
  • Making Yourself the Company’s Most Valuable Asset