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What’s New In Apartment Technology For 2016

What’s New In Apartment Technology For 2016

Several years ago, you built a website. That was good enough, then. A couple of years ago, maybe, you went paperless. Then, you moved on to social media, perhaps optimized for mobile. Experts in the field of apartment technology tell us that “beacon technology,” or perhaps “virtual reality,” is all the rage for 2016.  In any event, successful businesses evolve with advances in technology. So here’s what’s happening now for real estate technology.

Technology as an amenity. Today’s renters use the Internet for everything, which means that your apartment community has to be connected as well. This means that technology is an absolute amenity – perhaps even a required feature – for a successful apartment community. Techies call what’s going on as the “Internet of Things,” a catch-all for smart thermostats, keyless locks, Google Fiber, package storage systems, and of course, online rent payments.

Virtual reality. This is a breakthrough that seamlessly lets readers peruse the “Wall Street Journal,” or breathlessly follow NCAA basketball in real time. While a VR apartment tour may be a couple of months away, the technology is changing the way people think about and view spaces and events, and it will have an impact on how people search and shop for all real estate in the future.

Beacon technology. This medium has gotten traction in the retail world, 2016 might be the breakthrough year for apartment communities to use the technology to provide special leasing offers to people who tour or push a perk to a resident for downloading your app.

Texting to close a sale. Texting is not a new technology, but Millennials, especially, prefer this type of communication to phone calls. New technologies and software solutions make it easier for you to track your sales and give rental shoppers the information they need in the format they want.

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